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About Shred Confidential

Shred Confidential Inc. has a centralized focus on providing a seamlessly efficient commercial paper shredding service. We provide business shredding that attends to the unique and individualized needs of our customers while supporting their long term requirements for ongoing confidential sensitive data shredding services.

Our service is fully tailored to the needs of each client, ensuring a customized experience. By developing an individualized approach, we are better able to make sure you get the exact service that conforms to your goals. Shred Confidential Inc. not only offers personalized services but also extremely accurate tracking. We keep accurate records and detailed accounting of every service provided. This allows us to deliver the highest customer value possible.

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Completely Confidential

When you select Shred Confidential Inc. for your document shredding, you can rest assured of our commitment to protecting your sensitive data. We live by the motto of "Keeping your business your business" and we are fastidious in every shredding session ensuring complete confidentiality. Immediately following service, we will provide you with a Shredding Certificate.

Flexible & Responsive

Shred Confidential Truck

We offer a flexible and responsive service that grows alongside your business. Our flexibility allows us to provide you with the safe destruction of a wide variety of materials including credit cards, compact disks, cell phones, floppy disks, x-rays, tapes, circuit boards, and much more. We look forward to providing your business with the business shredding you need and an agile, innovative, and personalized service you can depend on. We operate on site and off site in the areas of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, Irvine, RIverside and Anaheim.

Call us today at (562) 261-5041 for a no cost evaluation.

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If you answered No to any of the above questions, call us at 562.261.5041 for a no-cost evaluation.
Mobile Destruction Unit

Paper Shredding Services San Diego

Step by Step Shredding Process

Shredding Collect Material Process Orange County STEP 01.
Collect Material

Paper Shredding Scan Bin Barcode Process Los Angeles STEP 02.
Scan Bin Barcode

Document Shredding Cart Collection Process San DiegoSTEP 03.
Cart Collections

Mobile Paper Shredding Destroy Materials Process Orange CountySTEP 04.
Destroy Material

Paper Shredding Print Certificate Process Los AngelesSTEP 05.
Print Certificate

Generate Shredding Invoices Orange CountySTEP 06.
Generate Invoices

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What Customers Are Saying

I just used a company called
Shred Confidential. They are great.
The service will come to your residence and allow you to view the destruction of your materials on a video monitor on their shredding truck..

We have utilized Shred Confidential, Inc. for approximately four years… and the service has been no less than excellent. First and foremost, they take our security needs as a priority in their process of collecting and shredding our highly confidential documents.

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