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Helping You Securely Destroy Confidential Information

shred any type of information storage from paper to devicesShred Confidential Inc specializes in helping you securely destroy confidential information. Our services can be rendered onsite at your location or offsite at our secure facility. We process virtually any type of information storage from paper to devices.

We maintain up-to-date knowledge of the record retention, confidential information and privacy regulations to help you to determine what information to retain and what must be securely destroyed.

Shred BinWe provide you with shred bins to gather the materials to be destroyed. At regular intervals we come to your location, empty the bins and destroy the material in one of our Mobile Destruction Units (MDU).

All processing is completed outside the MDU so the process is safe and allows you to observe the destruction of your confidential information. The MDU has the capacity to destroy up to 8000 lbs. per hour and uses a confetti shred process which is proven to be the most effective, secure process available.

Service Optimization System - SOSEach of our Client Care Specialists carries a Service Optimization System (SOS), which is a hand-held scanning device that identifies the containers serviced and records the amount of material destroyed.

The data from the SOS is analyzed (with you) to determine the most cost efficient way to service your account. Additionally, we use it to assist us in managing the entire process and consult with you to help control your costs.

On-Site Security monitor shredding process

About Us

With Shred Confidential, Inc., you realize efficient and flexible service with an accurate and detailed accounting of services provided - without creating additional frustration.

How do we do it?

We tailor our service to meet your requirements, and we track and report the results – so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on being agile and innovative, focused on maintaining long-term partnerships.

Our process is designed to fit your specific demand and is altered when your needs change. The Shred Confidential culture focuses on delivering customer value.