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Step-by-Step Shredding Process

Collect Material for Shredding San DiegoSTEP 1

The Client care Specialist “CCS” collects all the material from each Security Bin, strategically located through-out your facility and places it into their security cart.

Scan Bin Barcode for Shredding Orange CountySTEP 2

The CCS then SCANS the barcode placed on each bin with their hand-held computer and RECORDS how much material is pulled from each bin.

Cart Collection for Shredding Los AngelesSTEP 3

After servicing each security bin the Collection Cart is LOCKED and taken to the truck to be destroyed.

Destroy Material for Shredding San DiegoSTEP 4

The CCS unlocks the security cart and places the cart on the lifting device- the security carts lifted and the material dumped into the shredder.

Document Shredding Orange CountySTEP 5

When all the material is destroyed – the CCS then prints out the shredding Certificate- this details all the activity that took place during the service.

Mobile Paper Shredding Los AngelesSTEP 6

The information in the hand-held computer is downloaded at the end of the day and invoices are e-mailed to specific contacts at your facility.

About Us

With Shred Confidential, Inc., you realize efficient and flexible service with an accurate and detailed accounting of services provided - without creating additional frustration.

How do we do it?
We tailor our service to meet your requirements, and we track and report the results – so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on being agile and innovative, focused on maintaining long-term partnerships.

Our process is designed to fit your specific demand and is altered when your needs change. The Shred Confidential culture focuses on delivering customer value.

What Customers are Saying

We've utilized Shred Confidential, Inc. for approximately four years… and the service has been no less than excellent. First and foremost, they take our security needs as a priority in their process of collecting and shredding our highly confidential documents...

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